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I grew up on a farm in Friesland where our main activity was growing seed potatoes in the excellent Frisian clay soil. Other crops grown on the farm included sugar beet, cereals and onions. Because of my extensive interest in the agricultural sector I spent 5 years in Canada after finishing my senior secondary agricultural education in the Netherlands.

I soon learned that the Canadian approach to mechanisation was rather different from the way things were done in the Netherlands. Over there the work is done by the farmers themselves. Maintenance and repairs were done at the farm. I found this very interesting and learned a lot from everything I saw. Back in Friesland I started off working for a seed potato grower and went on to a contracting firm after that. I continued to be fascinated by machinery.

This finally led to the decision to start out for myself and to continue to focus on the most frequently asked for contracting work and mechanisation.

Mark Wiersma